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I am a go-getter, creative problem-solver who never backs down from a challenge.

I always look forward to a new project and enjoy meeting new people. Feel free to reach out!

i'm enchanted to meet you!

artist by heart, designer by choice

Since I was young, I've been immersed in the arts. Growing up in a household that valued the arts allowed me to express my creativity in every which way.


I took piano lessons for six years, and played the flute for a little bit. When I was 3, I started dancing, taking classes in ballet. In the ten years of my dancing career, I learned classical ballet, tap, and character dancing. I also had the opportunity to perform in a handful of ballet productions, including The Nutcracker. 

As I got older, I became interested in photography. Because of my interest, it led me to become apart of my school's yearbook team. I was apart of the team for six years, both in Junior High and High School. Although I began yearbook because of photography, I stayed because of design. Designing layouts and selecting colors and typefaces became a favorite thing of mine; sparking a curiosity that led me to explore future possibilities for design. 

Because of my interest in design, I decided to pursue a degree in art and graphic design. While I was at school, I explored different areas and learned a multitude of skills in the profession.

As I've gained experience in multiple aspects of design, I find myself particularly drawn to branding, package design, and editorial design.


Although the past few years have been filled with creative endeavors, I always find myself excited to learn more and inspired to create. Graphic design has been an amazing outlet for me creativity. Every experience fuels my desire to learn, grow, and create.

some design influences


graphic designer & prop maker


graphic designer & educator


freelance graphic designer

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The work ethic of Annie Atkins is inspirational, I readily absorb the knowledge from Ellen Lupton, and the style of Abi Connick is one that I enjoy and admire. While I tend to design in a modern and fun style, I do have an affinity for art deco design. 


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April 6, 2023 | Modesto Junior College Art Gallery

Celebration of the Humanities

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