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project portfolio


Color Temperature Project Portfolio


the brief

Choose a concept or theme to create your final portfolio project. You can either focus and elaborate on a concept we did earlier in the semester or try something new. Ensure that the body or work is cohesive and flows well as we will place the images in a book spread. Sequence the images in the book in a way that connects each image.

my process

Like my emulation portfolio, my goal was to shoot the entire project on film. Once I got my proposal in and approved, I began taking photos right away. It was difficult at times finding some of the scenes I wanted, but it was intriguing to see how light and color worked together. Once my images were shot, I developed my film in the lab and scanned it in. I did some adjustments in Lightroom to achieve the look I was going for. After adjustments were made, I put my final 12 images in a book module and sequenced them in a manner where it took the viewer through a house. We also had the task of making physical prints of our images. Once everything was completed and I could see my project as a whole, I noticed it was very dream-like, which I enjoyed. Out of this project came more inspiration and iterations I could do, so I plan on expanding this project further eventually.

Out of the 12 images, two are digital and the remaining 10 are film.


film photography, film development, photo editing




color photography
taught by noah wilson


november 2022 | four weeks



project proposal

I was thinking about experimenting with color temperature and artificial light. I particularly liked some of the images I created earlier in the semester that had different light temperatures and I want to expand on that more. With that I want to include the theme of doors/doorways, having different color temperatures on one side of the door and another on the inside of the room. Ideally creating different atmospheres and a sense of intrigue. Additionally, I want to try and play with reflections and light; light sources seen in windows, mirrors, water, etc. I hope to capture some of the brightly colored holiday lights that are being put up during the holiday season. 


canon rebel t7i, pentax k1000


kodak ultramax, cinestill 400D, cinestill 800T

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