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Various work from jobs, school, and personal projects

Motion Graphics

January 2024 – Present 

the goal

To make myself a more versatile designer and to add onto my skillset, I decided to begin teaching myself motion graphics with Adobe After Effects; since my university does not offer any courses focusing on motion graphics or teach After Effects.

my approach

I went to YouTube for video tutorials. I watch tutorials meant for beginners to get a grasp of the program and to learn different effects and techniques. As I get more familiar with the program, I try and watch more advanced tutorials.

Tedx UoPacific

February – April 2024

the description

The University of the Pacific is hosting its inaugural Tedx event at the Faye Spanos Concert Hall on April 6, 2024. This year's event will feature nine speakers from diverse backgrounds. The Tedx marketing team consists entirely of students.

my role

As one of three graphic designers within the team, I've developed print materials and social media graphics for the event. Each task required completion within a week or less.


September 6–12, 2023

the description

ASUOP Arts & Entertainment hosts an annual pool party at the beginning of the new academic year. The events is one of A&E's large scale events.

my role

I had a week to create and finalize the marketing assets for Oasis, comprising an 8.5x11 flyer, quarter sheets, Instagram graphics (for both posts and stories), and a TV graphic. The A&E team provided color schemes and inspiration for the illustration. While the Oasis logo existed, I was tasked with crafting the overall look and design for this year's event.

Calliope Art & Literary Magazine

August–April 2024

the description

Calliope is the University of the Pacific's Art & Literary Magazine. Every year the Art and English departments collaborate to create an anthology of art and writing. This year's edition is the first edition since the pandemic.

my role

As Art Director/Design Editor-in-Chief, I recruited team members for this year's edition. I am leading the visual aspects of the magazine and managing the entire production process to ensure quality and timely delivery.

My team and I are creating the layout of the magazine from scratch.

I have created flyers and social media graphics for the call for submissions.