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icon set

Project Brief:

Create an icon set of five symbols that will visually represent the main activities, locations, venues, etc. associated with your chosen area of interest. The icons should also help visitors and employees positively experience the chosen venue through directions, identification, and location. Lastly, the icons should extend the brand of the venue as a system of visual identification.

the icons

This icon set is inspired by San Fransokyo from the Pixar movie Big Hero 6. Our task was to create an icon set from our chosen location and since I chose a transportation center, I decided to create a San Fransokyo Transportation Center. The icons set includes the types of vehicles I saw in the movie and I wanted them to match the feeling and style of the movie— so I implemented main colors found in the film. I also gave the icons a rounded style to them to give them a more friendly and cartoonish perception. I added icons like food, money, and shopping since I thought those would be helpful locations to include in the center. A portal icon was also added since the new technology in Big Hero 6 is being able to travel via portal. 

extension of the design

design details

color palette

Hex: #B02A25

Hex: #EFAA2C

Hex: #02576C

Hex: #83AAA4

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