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the job description

ASUOP Graphic Designers report to the Director of Strategic Marketing and work alongside the rest of the Strategic Marketing team. They will support ASUOP as student designers by managing and fulfilling design requests for the organization and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) who submit work orders.  Designers are required to attend weekly team meetings and give feedback to their teammates’ designs. They will be expected to collaborate heavily with other ASUOP departments and RSO’s to create promotional materials including, but not limited to, flyers, social media graphics/templates, and logos. 

They are also expected to organize and maintain a shared Dropbox account with all design attributes. Through their design work, they must also ensure ASUOP and University branding guidelines are met.

ASUOP Posters & Stickers

October 2024

the description

The design team was assigned the responsibility of crafting University of the Pacific-themed posters in line with ASUOP branding guidelines to foster school spirit and enhance ASUOP recognition. Additionally, I was selected to design stickers for ASUOP.

my role

From August to October, we had the freedom to work on posters and stickers. By October, we selected designs for printing. The student body president selected three of my posters to hang in their office, and two were chosen for printing. Additionally, the postcard design was selected to be painted into a mural inside the university's dining hall. All the stickers I designed were also sent for printing.

ASUOP Strategic Marketing Portfolio Book

March 2024

the description

A goal for the strategic marketing team was to create a comprehensive portfolio of the work we completed in the academic year. The book showcases design work and photography from school events.

my role

The Director of Strategic Marketing assigned me the responsibility of overseeing the book's creation. I provided mockup files for the team and organized their contributions into cohesive sections, ensuring a logical flow of events.

Women's History Month Window Graphic

March 2024

the description

To celebrate Women's History Month, I was tasked to create a graphic to put up in the window of the university's dining hall. The graphic was created for four departments at the school, the Associated Students, Arts & Entertainment, Fraternity and Sorority Life, and the Student Leadership and Involvement Center.

my role

I had a weekend to create the window graphic for Women's History Month. I was given an idea for the color scheme, but outside of that, I was free to design what I saw fit for the occasion. 

April Window Graphic

April 2024

the description

To recognize and celebrate, Sustainability month, APID Heritage Month, and Pride Month, I was asked to design window graphics to put up in the window of the university's dining hall. The graphic was created for four departments at the school, the Associated Students, Arts & Entertainment, Fraternity and Sorority Life, and the Student Leadership and Involvement Center.

my role

I had a week to design window graphics for the month. I was instructed to follow the most of the branding guidelines for ASUOP, but had creative freedom to design what I believed fit each event.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 9.30.21 AM.png


September 6–12, 2023

the description

ASUOP Arts & Entertainment hosts an annual pool party at the beginning of the new academic year. The events is one of A&E's large scale events.

my role

I had a week to create and finalize the marketing assets for Oasis, comprising an 8.5x11 flyer, quarter sheets, Instagram graphics (for both posts and stories), and a TV graphic. The A&E team provided color schemes and inspiration for the illustration. While the Oasis logo existed, I was tasked with crafting the overall look and design for this year's event.

Be Our Valentine

February 27–29, 2024

the description

ASUOP Arts & Entertainment hosted a Valentine's Day themed event for the student body. The event was a larger scale event having a handful of activities for people to do.

my role

I had a weekend to create the materials for Be Our Valentine. I was given inspiration and some direction to design the flyer and social media graphic, but ultimately I was given free reign to create. Deliverables included an 8.5x11 flyer, quarter sheets, Instagram media (posts and stories), A-frame, and TV graphic.

Stockton Pride Celebration Shuttle Rides

September 22, 2023

the description

ASUOP DEI collaborated with the university to provide a shuttle ride to and from the city's 10 year pride event. Materials were needed to promote not only the free rides, but the event, to the student body.

my role

I had less than 24 hours to create this flyer. Among three options presented, the client selected this one. I created an 8.5x11 flyer, social media graphics (both post and story), and a calendar graphic. Since this was in collaboration with ASUOP, I had to follow branding guidelines while ensuring the event flyer maintained its unique identity.

University Assessment Committee Core Competencies Presentation Deck

November 2023 – February 2024

the description

With the University Assessment Committee, I was chosen to create their annual presentation deck that showcases data and statistics of the students at the university. The long term project consisted of meeting with two leaders on the Assessment Committee as they explained and provided information for this year's data. 

The presentation deck was shown to departments across the university to spread word about the findings for this year. 

my role

Working side by side with the committee leaders, I was able to clearly lay out the data necessary in a visually appealing way. I ensured that all data was accurately represented and easy to digest. There were many revisions as new information came in and as feedback was given.