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I'm Felicity Andrews—

A graphic designer based in the California Central Valley; passionate about visual storytelling, crafting captivating designs, and bringing joy to others.

always inspired, always creating

As I'm inspired by people and things I encounter and see, my work is infused with vibrancy, optimism, and a commitment to inspiring others through creative storytelling

a project's gotta shine

some featured projects


scoops & bubbles

branding case study

Inspired by my interest in fun and bold brands, Scoops & Bubbles involved the creation of an ice cream and soda shop. This project is currently being exhibited at the Reynolds Gallery at the University of the Pacific.


the gilded bookshelf hotel

branding + marketing

Leveraging metaphor as the central theme driving this campaign, the Gilded Bookshelf is inspired by literature and the Art Deco design style,


want to see some more projects?

it's nice to have a friend

Questions, comments, or just want to know more about me or my work? Feel free to reach out and chat with me!

Let's connect, chat, and make something from your wildest dreams

always inspired, always creating

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